The Academy of Finance (AOF) is a program that prepares students for a career in the Financial Services Industry.  If you are interested in managing money, investing in the stock market or a career in Finance as a Stock Broker, Financial Planner, Bank Manager, Accountant, or Business Owner then the Academy is for you!

The Academy of Finance is a program established to develop students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in this fast-paced growth area of business.  The AOF partnership bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace.  Students will participate in shadow days, go on field trips to different financial institutions or divisions within a company, and have many experts in the field speak to classes.

The Academy is a four-year program that students begin in their freshman year.  The classes will go through four years of financial training and development course work together.  Academy students work on projects cooperatively and develop the “real-world” personal, financial and technical skills that will make them business leaders of tomorrow.  The four courses are as follows: Finance & Business Technology, Accounting Applications, Financial Operations, and Financial Planning.

Academy students also have an opportunity to work in our very own Launch Federal Credit Union branch located within University High School.  Some scholarships are provided by Launch Federal Credit Union each year to deserving seniors.

The academy is also a Bright Futures Program that offers scholarships for students that helps offset some of the college/university tuition depending on what tier the student qualifies for.  The academy has many businesses, colleges/universities, and financial institutions that are part of its Advisory Board which provides real world work experiences and examples, plus provides scholarship opportunities to the academy students.

Our goal with the academy is to provide students with every possibile opportunity to learn real-world skills that they can take with them in any career field.

Academy & Scholarship Opportunities:

Students are provided scholarship opportunities from the Academy of Finance Advisory Board members.  Members of the board work for finance companies, colleges/universities, and local businesses.

The academy is also a Bright Futures Scholarship Program that offers scholarships for students who maintain certain grade point average, volunteer hours, and test scores.  For more information regarding Bright Futures please click the following link below:


Contact Information:

Feel free to contact our academy directors via phone or email at anytime.

Mr. Vincent Roeshink 386.968.0013 ext. 46270

[email protected]

Mrs. Sheryl Flowers 386.968.0013 ext. 46261

[email protected]

If you are interested in attending the Academy of Finance click on the CTE link below, click "Career Academies", click "Application" link, print the application, complete it and mail or bring in the application to University High School (Applicants will be reviewed by AOF Advisors for eligibility):


December 11, 2014 Radio Broadcast Interview

  • Corporate Sponsorship Letter & Donation Form - For students seeking corporate sponsorship for our New York Financial District Field Study may be interested in pursuing help from local businesses. Utilize the enclosed letter and form. Good luck! Academy Scholarship Donation Letter.docx (3.7 MBs)

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