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Class of 2016 Senior Yearbook Ads

Class of 2016 Senior Yearbook Ads



The bells on campus resound, a reminder of the final year your child will walk the halls of University High School. This is it.

Your child is a part of our 2015-2016 graduating class, which means they will have their formal pictures in the yearbook, and you have the opportunity to purchase the timeless keepsake of a senior ad.  

The yearbook will be out at the end of the year, and there is no better way to tell your graduate how proud you are of them.  

These ads usually contain short messages of congratulations, best wishes, or continued success.  The wording of the message is completely up to you, but this must be included and MUST be typed.  Include the student’s name, your message, and you how wish it to be signed (i.e. “Love Always, Mom and Dad”). 

Along with the message, please include pictures.  The more space you purchase, the more pictures we can fit.  While the choice of photos is up to you, they must be of good quality (300 DPI/High resolution).  If they aren’t, they will look grainy and pixelated once printed. Photos taken off of online sites are generally very poor quality and not printable. However, iPhone photos from a 5 or higher can be emailed at their highest quality. Any specific questions about quality can be sent to me via my email.

Photos can be sent to us electronically at [email protected] along with your typed message (Preferred).  In necessary situations, we will also take any original, physical photos, and once we scan them we will return them to your student. There is a limited amount of space available in the yearbook for senior ads. Completed orders will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

You can place your order by visiting:

Help us celebrate the success of your soon-to-be graduate with this timeless gift! DEADLINE FOR SENIOR ADS IS OCTOBER 30th, 2015!



Ms. Courtney Kohler

UHS Yearbook Advisor

[email protected]